coffee cozy

A Triple-Duty Mug Cozy, Cup Cozy, and Pulse Point Warmer

Well, first post on this blog, and I am going to talk about my best seller!  It is easy to give someone that perfect gift that they can use over and over again.  Give them one of my coffee cozies!  Here is how you can make it for yourself:

First, in what part of the world do you plan to use this little item?  There is a need to keep warm beverages warm everywhere, but will this be a pulse point warmer as well?  For a cold climate, use a bulkier yarn and larger needles.  I use a chunky acrylic and 5mm or bigger needles (you want some puffiness).  For warmer climates, I like to show off a bit and make it out of a nice lace yarn or sock yarn, and use needles that are 3.75mm.

Quick design note:  DO NOT ADD BEADS  beads will transfer heat, and you will become one with the heat of your coffee, tea or hot cocoa.  Not good!

Second, the cuff should only be around 2.25 inches by 12 inches.  Make it longer or shorter according to the stretchiness of the finished cuff.  It should go around a wrist without being saggy, and also stretch around a mug.

Third, you have picked your yarn, now pick a pattern.  Almost any pattern works so long as you don’t get crazy wit the yarn overs (holes = hot = ouch!).  A simple cable, single or double crochet, ribs going vertically or horizontally, garter or knit stitches – what would you like or what would the person you will give this to like?

Forth, do you want 2 buttons or 1 button?  What style of button?  I recommend 2 buttons.  They can be placed on one end and just do 2 yarn over or unattached stitches on the other for button holes.

Now, go make one!

These went over gang busters in my family and in my online shop.  If you have trouble understanding any of this, click on the photo to go to the shop and see other views.  I am glad to answer any questions you have, so ask and it shall be answered!

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