I plan to stand on my soap box for this entire post, so get ready!

A friend of mine who is interested in getting back in the swing of crocheting again found a pattern. It had a really cool looking scarf that was well within her range of expertise. She went to the store and bought yarn. Everything seems fine, right? Then some person who pretends to know a thing or twenty about crocheting and knitting put in her negative 2 cents and ruined it for my friend. She told my friend you can’t make that pattern with that yarn. You should have bought worsted but this is bulky.

Yes, I lost a brain cell on this one too! Are there yarn police I just never knew about? I was the knitting and crochet teacher for AC Moore, but have I been living a lie because I actually thought I decided what yarn I could use? Seeing as how I know from doing so many fiber arts, a pattern is not usually written in stone (or blood for that matter), you can … prepare yourselves for this, it’s shocking … you can CHANGE any part of any pattern including what yarn it tells you to use.

I have shocked you, haven’t I? I’m sorry, but it is true. Patterns tell you how the photo of the piece got to look that exact way.

OK, my knitting love would be socks. Usually I use sock yarn – makes sense. If I use a thicker yarn like worsted, I will come out with bedroom slipper socks. BTW, add some puff paint on the bottom and follow the instructions to puff it, and these bedroom slipper socks will have slip resistant bottoms like store-bought ones. I have even used fuzzy super thin lace yarn to make socks. It is true!! Why would I ever do such things?

It is my money. It is my time. Sometimes I want puffy warm. Sometimes I want wispy. Sometimes I am just not paying attention and get what looks pretty to me. It all works. Now, if I can be creative with socks, why can’t my friend get creative with a scarf? Is there a rule that only applies to scarves? I don’t think so!

The photo with this post is of several different yarns. I can make anything I please with any of them. Will it look exactly like the pretty photo with the pattern? No. Do I care? Not really.

So, if you made it this far in the post, go get yarn you like from your stash, and make something it was not meant to be. What is the worst that can happen? You have to undo it all? I think you will live. If it looks like it will be the wrong size with the wrong yarn, just go back and add or subtract some stitches. Be brave, it’s not hard. I know you can get creative and fearless at the same time.

If someone offers you some free advise that you can’t use the yarn you like for the pattern you like ………
Be polite. Offer him/her and tylenol or something for the pain. After all, it must hurt to be that stupid!!!

Let me just hop off the soap box now and put it up.
Y’all just keep yarning!

Paula Dannels