Onion Rings

Easiest way to make onion rings from scratch. OMG they are good!

OK, so tonight I made my husband, Roger, a not so very good for you meal. It consisted of lettuce sandwiches and onion rings. I love making onion rings from scratch because I feel like I am really doing something. That and it is ridiculously easy. Here is how I make onion rings:

First, make pancakes for breakfast. I know, I know, you think I forgot what I was doing in this blog, but I didn’t. When you make your batter, make at least twice as much as you really want to use for the pancakes. Put the part you don’t use in the refrigerator.
Second, later, even a day later, take out your extra pancake mix and put it into a large bowl.
Third, beside the large bowl of pancake batter put a gallon ziplock bag of flour, the bag should be about 1/3 full of flour.
Forth, heat oil to deep fry. When you put a bit of batter in and it sinks, comes right back up and is sizzling with little bubbles all around it, you are ready.
Fifth,cut onions in about 1 inch slices and pop out individual rings.
Sixth, put the rings into the bag of flour and shake to coat with flour. Those of you who remember Shake-n-Bake will have flashbacks. I am far too young to flashback on that wonderful Shake-n-Bake fried chicken or BBQ’d chicken. It was really good. Or so I have read! Thought you caught me giving away my age, but you didn’t because I might have actually only read about it. Settle down people, we have hot grease on the stove!
Seventh, dip the floured rings one by one in the batter and drop in the hot grease.
Eighth, when they are golden brown on one side, just flip them with a slotted spoon. By the way, you will need a slotted spoon.
Ninth, take the rings out and drain on either paper towels or you could drain them on a cooling rack over a big pan. If someone will be watching you, use the rack method. It is way more impressive then paper towels on a plate!
Tenth, just keep going until you are out of onion rings or batter.
Eleventh, the batter will be all glumpy and nasty after dipping all those floured rings in it, so put it in your compost. If you don’t have a composter or compost heap, this is a good time to begin, so for some of you – Twelve, make a compost heap.

Why so many steps? This way you can tell those wanting to know how you make your super special onion rings you can honestly say, “it is complicated,an eleven step process, but, really, I don’t mind making them for you.” You just see if they won’t clean up for you since you are probably tired from that eleven step complicated process. If no one offers to clean, AND CLEANS, make a small batch next time and eat them all without offering to share. Just say, it is so hard to make these and then clean the kitchen. I just wanted to make it easier on me, so I only have to clean up after my onion rings.

Well, I have to go for now.

I have to keep knitting on my Lamar scarf!