I got a Groupon to go paint at one of those paint along places popping up everywhere.  It was one ugly painting!  I didn’t want to hang it up because it seemed odd to want to hang a painting FACING the wall.  So, I combined the painting with my non-love of boring TV tables (the folding kind).  Now, I have a cute table to go along with my cute dog, Savannah peeking around the table!

Here’s how:

Get any painting or photo that is big enough to cover the top of the TV table.  You may have to cut the painting or photo down to fit.

Paint the table a color that looks good with the painting or photo.  I used Rustolium 2x spray paint.  Please paint outside.  You might be dieing to craft, but no need to die from crafting fumes!

Let it dry all the way.

Adhere the photo or painting to the painted table.  I like spray adhesive for this.

Paint a coat of Polyacrylic (water based is tougher then oil based, so Polyacrylic not Polyurethane) on the entire top and side edges of the table.  Let is dry all the way.

Paint 3 to 4 more coats of the polyacrylic on the table top and sides, and remember to let each one dry all the way before painting the next one.

Then you just need to find yourself a cute dog like Savannah to peek around it so you will have a good reason to photograph it!