IMG_20130531_185253IMG_20130531_185406IMG_20130531_185345I have completed my first 4 ATC’s!!!  WOO-HOO!!!  I am hooked!  Do you know what ATC’s are?  I didn’t either.

ATC’s are 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ little original works of art.  ATC is Artist Trading Card.  You make them, you trade them (sites all over the web for trading ATC’s), you use them as tags, embellishments, even design a card or page around them.  I will make more and mat them and frame them.

I guess my love of glitter is out in the open now.  Hello, I’m Paula, and I am a glitter-aholic.  Do not try and help me kick the habit, just give me glitter.

The flowers with the butterflies are 3D.  The butterfly on the stamped flowers is 3D.  The kind of out of focus one isn’t 3D, but in my cell phone camera’s defense, there is a lot going on there.  There is no glitter on the out of focus one, so my camera was probably about to faint!

How many of these ATC’s will I make?  A boat load of them!!!  This is so cool.  You can burn off some creative energy on these and just set them aside.  Later, when you need a card, and you have the creative energy tank running on fumes – use an ATC to make a quick (yet, really creative) card filled with love that you clearly have worked on while thinking of that person.  Yes, that’s it!

Here is the odd part for me, after finishing the ATC’s today, I needed a nap.  I was wiped out!  I’m awake now (you might not have noticed, but I am), and am jonesing to make another.  I just need to make one more.  Just a little glitter won’t hurt me.  GLITTER!!!!

God loves crafters because He gave us glitter.  The rest of you can just wish you were one of us!

That seemed a bit mean.  Heartfelt, yes, but still mean.  So, …..  I am very sorry (that non-crafters who don’t love glitter would feel bad about themselves and their life choices avoiding glitter).  Life must be so drab for non-glitterites.Well, I am going to play at my crafting table now!  Bye Y’all!!!