I am what is known as a sock knitter.  I love to knit socks.  You may have guessed that’s what it meant to be a sock knitter, but anyway….

These are so cute, I had to share them!  They are also easy, so a huge plus there, and they are quick to make.

Sometime this week I plan to post my heel and toe for socks.  I have tried every heel and toe and finally found the ones I like best.  I have a normal human foot, so I want not pointy toe.  I am a normal human who actually wears socks with things like, oh I don’t know, shall we say shoes.  I do not want a bulky heel.  I also refuse to wear ugly or bulky socks.  I make socks to wear in shoes and feel comfortable.  “But Paula I have home made socks, and they are ugly and bulky, and could not fit in my regular shoes with my foot!”

Oh Honey!  Sock yarn has come a long way, Baby!  (Dated myself, didn’t I.)

You can get really fine yarn (fingerling or sock yarn) in a ton of mixes of materials.  I love bamboo for socks.  Not a wool sock fan at all because I tried to knit my husband, Roger, some wool socks.  The yarn was BEAUTIFUL.  It was perfect.  It was superwash wool, so no worries about wool-rash.  Then, 1/2″ in the cuff, it happened!

I was itching all up my forearms and hands.  Yes, wool-rash!!!  WOOL-RASH!!!  From superwash wool?  Yes!  I don’t think they dipped in strong enough acid or left it long enough, and I had the rash to prove it!  I didn’t finish the socks.  I kept the yarn and display it in a pretty bowl.  I can’t return it because my husband likes to come with me on out of town yarn runs, and I don’t want him to know I paid over $50 for that ball of yarn.  I mentioned it was beautiful, right?

BTW Superwash means they dipped it in acid to remove the scales that can cause reactions like rashes.  It basically makes wool into alpaca because alpaca is a soft wool without scales naturally.  Live and learn!

OK, here is the pattern for the earrings.

Needles up ladies!  Begin knitting!!


Needle size: 000 DPN

Yarn: Any thin yarn will work. I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn as that is what I had on hand.

1) Cast on 10 sts and divide evenly on needles

2) K 8 rounds even

3) K5, turn

4) K1, p3, k1, turn

5) K5, turn

6) K1, p3, k1, turn

7) K5, turn

8 ) K1, p3, k1, turn

9) K5, pick up and k3 sts on side

10) K instep

11) Pick up and k3 sts

12) K5, k2 tog, k7, ssk

13) K4, k2 tog, k7 ssk

14) K2, k2 tog, k6 ssk

15) K 4 rounds

16) K2, k2 tog, k3, ssk, k1

17) K1, k2 tog, k2, ssk, k1

18) K1, k2 tog, k remaining

19) Cut yarn and thread through remaining sts, weave in end.

20) Add fish hook earrings and you’re done!