Just returned home this morning super early from an adventure in Washington DC. Hard morning because I awoke with little Inga, our kitten, snuggling up with me, and this of all mornings is the morning when she gets spayed. Bugger it!
I know it is for the best. I know all that! I just want to fold time so my little kitten is over all the fear and pain! She was all warm and fluffy. Giving little kisses and purring, and I have to go toss her in a carrier and leave her with a bunch of screaming cats in a strange place. This sucks!
Before that we arrived home Amtrak because it seemed like a fun idea to travel by train. Ever notice the first 2 letters of fun are f and u? I’ll be paying attention now.
They lost our luggage. Yes, after 10 hours on a loudly metal-on-metal squeaking train we arrived in Columbia to find our luggage that we checked in over 2 hours early had not made it. Did it not make the transfer? We didn’t transfer. It is just a matter of sticking it on a train and pulling it out of that same train later. It’s gone. They don’t know where it is, but it might turn up in a few days. So there ya go.
What was the rest of the adventure like? Let me give you a mental image. Picture, if you will, a bottle of lotion that is in a hotel room where someone has had “work done” on her face and needs to keep the area moist, so she is going to use the new bottle of lotion (it’s me). She pops the cap, and the top of the bottle is covered in santorum. The hotel GM laughs at her for being upset. I guess the thing I learned is at Marriott Courtyard in Silver Springs, Md, they only wipe off the used bottle of toiletries, so watch out!
Her words were “we are only human” and “I don’t know why you are so upset, this has only happened to you once”.