I just finished the most beautiful socks!  I’m keeping these.  That is a real feat (pun intended)!


This photo shows Spotty Jean and the start of the first sock.  By now I had fallen in love with the pattern, color and feel.  These are a cashmere blend, so … WOW!  Soft!


This is the back of the heel.  The pattern is called the Luxury Hiya Hiya heel.  It is a series of crossing cables.  I plan to use this in more socks.  Visually, it is stunning.  I have not worn them yet, so I will give it the old tennis shoe test soon.


I finished these today, and here they are being clocked on sock forms.  I think they would be pretty cool stockings hanging there on the mantel.  I’ll leave them overnight to dry, but I am not holding my breath for gifts in them this time of the year.  Really, these socks will be gift enough.

The pattern in on http://www.ravelry.com.  Just do a pattern search for Guava socks.  My notes and the yarn and needle infer are on my project page at http://www.ravelry.com/people/PaulaDannels.

This one took me longer then usual because I didn’t work on them every day, and then when I worked on them it wasn’t for very long each time.  I’m baby sitting my parents dog, Ray, and no one can resist watching him and my 2 dogs play!  My home has been bursting at the seams with cute dogs.

I am going to do the next KAL (knit along) with Hiya Hiya.  That will be a set of whatever you call those mittens with no finger or thumb tops.

My next post will be of elephant ear art. Stay tuned!