I am impressed with myself tonight because I am on a roll!  I am on a creative binge here!  My oh my it may have to say “Creative” on my tomb stone instead of “You Got A Problem With That?”.  What am I saying, I can have room for both!

I am in another Hiya Hiya KAL (knit along), and my project is 1/2 complete!  These are fingerless mitts.  The pattern is called Blossom.  I have one completed and will be finishing up the other in a day or 2 depending on how the wind is blowing up my skirt.

I chose to make the thumb in stockingette … mistake!  It would be better in the Blossom pattern like the hand.  I will go back and change that.  I also chose a very frilly cast off … good job me!!!  These are so girly they can hold their own with frills.

The cuff is a cute cable and the hand is a lace (winter lace).  I will make more of these for Christmas gifts this year.  I think I will add beads to the backs of the hands.

I guess I should have said, “Spoiler Alert!” prior to saying these will be for Christmas this year, but … well … I don’t think the women I will make these for actually read my blog.  Yes, I do feel sad for them!  They are missing out on so much.  Poor things must be suffering from some lack of technological skills – God bless their hearts.

The photos are after the words this time not sprinkled through them.  Yep, trying something new.

The hand model is me.  Yes, I am aware I have fat little fingers.  I happen to be a good cook who enjoys her own cooking.  Fat is the body’s lace, and I am quite fancy these days.   I think it was mean of y’all to point that out, or make me feel like you would.  Whatever!  I blame y’all, not me!!

Incase you could not tell from my snippy mood, I am tired.  I will post this and get my beauty rest.

Good Night and Happy Knitting!

Paula  (now for photos)

IMG_20140901_225137 IMG_20140901_225230 IMG_20140901_225237nice, nice, nice.  Project posted at   http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PaulaDannels/hiyahiya-blossom-fingerless-mitts