By now, most of you know I am in a Hiya Hiya KAL (Knit Along) on with a group from Hiya Hiya.  I just made a pair of socks with leaves outlined in lace, thus the name Leaves Lace Socks.


I have knitted over 100 pairs of socks, and can honestly say this pair is now my favorite.  The sock is attractive.  It is feminine.  It even looks good on my fused ankle.  None of this makes it my favorite.  It ranks as favorite because it feels WONDERFUL!!!!

The little holes that outline the leaves are perfect vent holes.  I prefer to wear socks with shoes, but my feet get hot.  When my feet are hot, all I can do it think about how my feet are hot.  It could be I have a one track mind.  It could be I’m a bit odd. It could be I am the definition of normal!  Hot feet are not fun.  These socks are the cure for hot feet.

It is sock yarn you can get anywhere.  It is aloe infused.  I have other aloe infused socks, but my feet still get hot.  This is a great pattern!  Thank-you Hiya Hiya!

Just to catch everyone up, Hiya Hiya is the company that makes what I consider to be the best knitting needles on the planet.  I love them.  I have to pause now and give Hiya Hiya a mental hug………..

If you want to make great socks like these, just make yourself a free ravelry account at  Then, go to “Groups” and type in “Hiya Hiya”.  Then say Hiya to me!!!

Well, I have already gotten the clue for the next Hiya Hiya KAL socks, so I have to go click some needles instead of these keys!

BTW, the lovely dog in the background is Savannah.  She is as sweet as she is pretty.  She is a Pomeranian we thought was a Papillion, so we raised her to be super friendly not nippy.