Can socks be cursed?  Can they?  The ones I just finished seemed to have it in for me the entire time!  Just to make it clear, “the entire time” means 32 days. Yes, the longest it has EVER taken me to finish a pair of socks.

Granted they were for my husband, and he is endowed with large feet. You know what they say about a man with large feet … that it takes his wife longer to knit him socks. He loves them, and I love him, and blah blah blah……

Here is how my 32 days of being held hostage by a pair of socks has gone. Read this, then you decide if this seems like a curse. It does, but you decide that for yourselves.

I started with a lovely puffy yarn. I had to stop that because all you could see if the fuzzy look, and not the pattern for the socks.


Smokey, the cat, took it and made it into his toy after he “killed” it.  He seems to love it, so that works.

So, cast on again….  This time I used some yarn that had lost its label, so who knows what it is!

I know what it isn’t – pretty!  But, I put it on my needles and soldiered on only to find out that my husband wanted the socks for him.  I found out after (AFTER) I had turned the heel.  Not a problem, I pulled it off my needles and started over.


No sweat!  Plenty of time!  About now, I started to feel really tired all the time.  I felt bad, but no fever to speak of.  I just felt really “off”.  Turned out it was mono.  Yes, mono!  I’m a 50 year old housewife.  Mono?  So, I start knitting and sleeping.  I started to feel better, but the socks were just not getting done fast enough, and the colors of the yarn reminded me of vomit all the time, so ……. not fun at all.

Knit, knit, knit, SLEEP, knit, knit, knit, SLEEP, etc

To make matters worse, my husband has big feet – I mentioned that before, but we are revisiting that here.  It was taking forever.  Ugly, ugly yarn.

Things are as bad as they can get, right?  Wow, you are so wrong!  Remember, I did use the word cursed.  Unraveling and restarting for the third time was bad.  Mono was bad.  A combination of large feet and ugly yarn was bad.  Then it happened…

My 2 little dogs got really bad colds!  My babies were sick, y’all!  Coughing, runny eyes and noses, wheezing, and all because of these socks!  I knew I had to hurry and get these things done, so I finished tonight, but as I was blocking the socks (something you do with freshly knitted stuff, blocking), my little cat Smokey sneezed several times and coughed!

IMG_20141108_233418 IMG_20141108_233352

My husband even started complaining he did feel good today!!!  I used 3 big cans of Lysol on the house today alone!  We have a small house, so I hope that was enough to hold the curse at bay until I can get to the store to buy more!!

Now, before you go all modern day not believing in curses, you take a look at my babies.  They are so sickly!

IMG_20141108_210953 IMG_20141106_080233