Y’all know by now I love to knit cables, right? So I was proving to my husband that I could go online without playing on Pinterest, so I was searching Ravelry instead! It worked out well for me because I found these Viking socks in the free section of the patterns for socks. I immediately began to plan how I would knit these beauties. First, I needed the right yarn.
We went to Asheville to see Biltmore (we do it every month to see the seasons change the gardens), and had time to go to Friends and Fibers. I found the perfect yarn! I also found yarn to make my husband a pair (they are on my needles now). SCORE!!
I say “SCORE!!” because the only yarn I have left to make socks with is really unattractive. I have to close one eye when I am searching for yarn in the stash now. I close one eye so if I should go blind from the ugly, I will not go totally blind. I will still have my eyesight in the one I covered. Planning ahead!!
I found the perfect Columbia College Koala purple merino wool yarn for these cable socks to really be a show stopper at Friends and Fibers. I feel like I can now wear my birki’s year round. I suppose they are thick enough where I could add some puff paint the soles to make them bedroom slippers. I like them!
These socks are 2 different cables. One on the front of the foot and leg, and another going up the back of the leg. The sole and heel are done in stockingette stitch. The pattern called for making them cuff down, but I have just gotten into making socks toe up and 2 at a time. I added notes to the project on my Ravelry
project page (PaulaDannels) telling how to make them toe up.
I like toe up because you can shape your sock toe to really match your feet, and because there is no seam going across the top. I strongly recommend going to youtube videos and finding Tii Casa. She has a 5 part toe up 2 at a time series. It is fast, easy to follow, and super helpful.
The front cables on these socks are not alike because they are mirror images. This is done by having cables go the opposite directions. That means if it you hold the stitches on your cable needle in front on one sock, they go in back on the other one.
I have already started making my husband a pair in his favorite color (true red). I know he will love them!
I went off the reservation with these socks. I usually use fingerling yarn, but this is DK. For that reason, I did not use #1 needles. I used #3 needles. This gave me a really good result.
Because I have a fairly square toe, I used a simple cast on of 15 loops. I use 10 for my husband’s foot shape.
Try this sock. I think you will like it. If you run into a problem, just leave me a message here or on Ravelry. I will try to help you along.