Let me start by saying I had no idea I was aging or old until this holiday season. It was a bit of a shock to me. I assumed I would be one of those old ladies who decorate for Christmas all year long, but a few years back I found out that was just crazy.
My husband and I left our tree up all year. We did redecorate it for each holiday. Fun fact, there are 12 holidays that you can buy tree trimmings from the Dollar Tree, and it is one per month! Anyway, tree up for one year plus the overlap between the 2nd Christmas and when I would normally take everything down, oh my Lord it was DUSTY!!! Our tree was a fur ball of dust. We blew it off with the lawn blower at the end of the 2nd Christmas. Do NOT do this leaving the tree up thing!! So the next year, the tree looks like … it looks bad. No problem! We had a new kitten who was in those teenager behavior times so a halfway to the trash tree was great for her to climb.
That is Inga in the tree with all plastic balls. She is a gifted Christmas tree climber.
After Christmas, we took everything down, put the tree in the recycling bin, and got a silver one.
We both love the silver metal trees, and got our tree at Kohl’s on sale, and with Kohl’s cash, and a coupon, and a price match. Top it off with the manager carrying it to the car for us and loading it in.
I have never come closer to kissing a stranger full on the mouth, but I almost did. I really almost did!
I bought glass balls,and we put it all in the garage.
We are Christmas people who are known for going overboard with decorations. We love posing with our State Tree in downtown Columbia.
We decorate our mantel.
We decorate our foyer.
We decorate corners and chests with silver trees.
Our little dog Savannah gets into the swing of things in a Christmas sweater. There would be a photo of Jack in his matching sweater, but he was busy playing with “the boys” at the dog park, and at that point he pretends not to know me, so … yes, it hurts a little bit.
I come from a family of Christmas people. My Mom and Dad have a 15 foot tree.
I think it all has to end. I have only decorated the public areas of my home this year. I am sneezing and my throat is tickling like mad. I just know it is in the decorations! I put them in the dryer, and got way more dust off then I expected to see, and it did help, but I’m getting old. I don’t want a house full of dust. I don’t want a house disrupted by tons of garland. I only put up one fiber optic tree in the cats’ bedroom. My kitchen only has one puny piece of garland around the ceiling fan light fixture. It is sad! I’m not kidding when I say the normal look of our decorating this year makes it look like one or both of us is dead!  I think these decorations are trying to kill me.   I’m done!
I totally get the old people who have the one ceramic tree on the table. I get it. I don’t like that I get it. I just get it. I keep thinking maybe I’m depressed, and this is how I show it. Trouble is I’m a happy camper. The dust is winning.
Why is it they can invent a frying pan that you can burn an egg in until it is the color of a Hershey bar, and it slides right out, but no one has invented decorations that do the same? Or even furniture or woodwork? Loads of products to clean dust off something, but not one that keeps it off? Really?
I have a Prius in the drive not a hover craft. I don’t have a switch on the wall that self-cleans my house. I don’t have a robot maid with a snappy attitude. I don’t even have a single jet pack, or know anyone who does have one. Is it so much to ask for dust repellent or dust proof stuff?
“From dust you came and from dust you shall return” – I thought that was all about me and MY decaying. Nope, it means as you get older and older you get more and more dust on everything you own. You can fight the good fight, and clean the house every single day, and moisturize every single day. You will still get older, and your house will get dustier.
I really do hate dust in my house, and right now, this old Southern lady is one dust bunny hop closer to decorating with a ceramic coffee table tree or a picture of a tree.
Any day now, I expect to find myself outside enjoying the sun, and shout, “you kids get off my lawn!” Then, of course, I’ll sneeze and cough and return inside to battle the dust once more.
Oh, parts of getting old just suck! Next time, I’ll tell you about some parts that are absolutely awesome!!! Now, get to work on some dust repellent for me!!!