What happens when one of the cats climbs a shower curtain?  You clue is that we have one of those bowed out curtain rods screwed into the drywall.  Any guesses????

It twists the bowed rod down, and there by rips the screws in the drywall.  Luckily I was able to fix this!


Did I cut the popped area out, patch it with mesh and mud?  Sand it smooth, then repaint it???

Have we met?!?!  Nooooooooo … no, I did not!  First off, a man would do things that way, and I am NOT a man.  Second, just the thought of all that work makes me tired – I’m calling that “normal”.  Third, I can make it better, stronger, and prettier.  I have the technology!!


Do you see what I did?  I framed it, but that isn’t all I did.  I found a frame I liked.  It is ceramic because wood and water or metal and water might someday need to be re-fixed.  I am far (FAR) too lazy to do a re-fix!  I cut out a piece of 1/4″ plywood to fit the frame, and painted it the color of the wall.  I screwed up the plywood on the wall using anchors – ask the hardware guys for them.  The instructions are on the package.  Then I dabbed some paint on the screw heads and glued the frame to the wall with construction adhesive.

This means to remove the frame or plywood in it I will have to get comfortable doing drywall.  I won’t be doing that!  If I die at 150 years old, I will bet these frames are still up!

Then, I put the shower curtain rod back up through the plywood.  If you look closely you will see the screws are through plywood and on into the drywall.  I did not reattach the rod to the damaged part of the drywall.

I also have learned that closing the bathroom door is mandatory in this house!  No more putting cat toys in the bathtub and letting the cats go nuts playing in there.  Sure, it is cute, but my fur babies are also fat babies!  Smokey is the guilty party.  Here he is filling the sink.  It is not a small sink either!


After seeing how nice the frames look, I thought perhaps I could frame other things making them into features.  Now I have started framing the light switches in my home.  I like them framed a whole lot!


Put these up with Command Performance removable velcro strips.  You need 2 strips.  I used one on the top and one on the bottom of the frame and matched them to their mates on the wall.  This frame did not last long.  I hit it wrong and it fell to pieces.  It was fiber board with plastic things holding the corners.  I am still looking for the right frame.  I think it will be metal or resin.  My husband has nixed the use of rhinestones because he simply does not understand my need for bling.  Sad when you think about it, so don’t!

My next blog will be about how we fixed a HUGE crack in the living room wall.  Yes, we got creative.  Here’s your clue:  George’s bedroom at Biltmore Estate has this on the walls too.

Until next time!