How Burlap Saved Us THOUSANDS of Dollar$ in Repairs


If you zoom in to the first photo you will see a HUGE crack in the wall.  It goes from the window to the ceiling by way of a big zig-zag behind a print.  There are more bad cracks besides that one, but I’ll be telling you about that AFTER I put panels on the ceilings.  You do NOT want to see the crack in my craft room ceiling.

OK, so my former neighbor who has now moved back to where ever the hell she come from had her entire foundation (cement slab type) drilled with 8″ circular holes.  We are talking more then 20 in her living room alone.  The person on the other side of her did the same, but he still lives here.  Why did they do this?  They wouldn’t say.  The crews doing the work wouldn’t say.  For days my home was rattled by the drilling.  Then, a Mexican worker said something this Florida girl knows about … SINK HOLE!

I called USAA, my insurance company.  They came out and made the not-so-nice man (I think his name was Dick?) in charge tell them WTF was going on.  Seems there was a man-made sink hole between the 2 houses, and it was under hers mostly.  So, USAA called in an engineer and he did all sorts of testing.  My house is safe.  They did, however rattle it enough so the sheetrock tape came off in places.

We got the cracks fixed.  Huge thank-you to USAA.  They are always the best!!!

The fixed areas have cracked again.  I can’t see just sanding and re-taping.  I have better things to do then chase cracks for the next 30 years.  Or, I hope I do.

On a trip to Biltmore Estate, I got an idea.  Why not use burlap as a wall treatment just like George did in his bedroom!  He overlaid his with 22K gold …. We will be using paint here in Irmo.

I hit the web to find out how to put burlap (or jute if you are fancy) on walls.  Slim pickings on the information!  So, we got heavy duty wallpaper glue from Home Depot – you have to order it online.  It all went up like a dream!

IMG_20150110_110457 IMG_20150110_110506

IMG_20150110_110509 IMG_20150110_101544

It was amazingly easy.  Just cut the burlap – it looks like string graph paper, so cutting it straight was easy.  Roll the glue on the wall.  Put the burlap on the wall, and give it a press to set it, then trim the edges with sharp pointy scissors.

My husband, Roger, came up with the cute idea of covering some slats and putting them at the edges of the burlap just to make it more of a feature.  Awesome!!!

We let it dry for 2 days since it was raining the next day, and painted it the same cobalt blue as the walls were.  It looks so great!  I even decided to cover the light switch that the burlap is all around in burlap.

IMG_20150110_123645 IMG_20150110_123651

A few hints here, use fabric tack glue – you will need more then you think, so don’t be skimpy.  Don’t do the entire piece at once.  Do the front plate, then do 2 of the sides, then do the other 2 sides.  After you are sure it is dry, go over the top with more tacky glue, and let that dry.  Then trim it along the edges, the switch hole, and poke something through the screw holes.  Paint it to match the wall.  Paint the screws too.  I didn’t paint the switch thing because … I just didn’t!IMG_20150110_123657 IMG_20150110_123850

And Here Is How It Looks!!!  Nice huh?

IMG_20150222_180455963In this one, you see the switch and the border slats.  Yes, I have chalk painted that mirror, and am currently working on the fireplace.

IMG_20150222_180514848This is a different wall.  You can see the boarder slats a few inches past the sconces.  This wall didn’t crack, but we liked the burlap look, so we put up more.


This is the wall that had the bad crack.  No more crack in the wall!!  The burlap dried on like cement.  It was a real surprise how strong the burlap was and how much stronger yet it gets with the heavy paste in it.

To fix the cracks on the ceilings we will be putting up ceiling tiles throughout the entire house.  I found the best buy on them on eBay.  I got them for $2.00 each with free shipping.  3 days later they were here!  So far, I have decided it is much easier to load a cake decorating bag with the mastic, and use a conical tip to apply the little ice cream cones of mastic on the tiles.