I have 3 BEAUTIFUL cats.  By “I” I mean my husband and I.  By “have” I mean we are the live-in staff for 3 cats.  I did not mean to imply they are only mine, or that I am in any way their boss, so don’t go saying I did!

With 3 indoor cats we tend to go through a lot of cat litter.  I do not know how to recycle cat litter, but I have found a wonderful use for cat litter plastic buckets.  I am container gardening with them this year!


After using these as storage for everything from Christmas decorations to tools, and even using them as saw horses for painting and such, I got a letter that changed my life.  A letter from the HOA telling me to immediately remove the storage containers from my driveway because it is not in keeping with the image our subdivision wants to project.  I pay these b-words!  So, like a good little drone I put them back in the garage where they wouldn’t be so offensive.  Was I just being nice?  You know me better then THAT!  Was I just waiting for the neighborhood panties to unbunch?  Kind of.

2 things came to me:  #1 I never want to live in a HOA again!  I mentioned I pay the b-words, right?  #2 Passive aggressive little old me can make it where the containers could be not only OK to have out front in plain view, but make them hard not to see.


I container garden!!!  What a perfectly wonderful idea!  The HOA does encourage us all to recycle and have a compost bin (out back and out of sight).  Yep!  Good citizen of this HOA that I am, I made not only a container garden out of cat little buckets, but painted them bright freaking red!

Turns out it is a good thing to garden in!  All you have to remember are 3 things:

#1 Use a spray paint like one of the Rustoleum paints that  are made for outside and plastic.

#2 Do NOT NOT NOT paint the inside.  It could be poisonous or something.

#3 Drill drain holes in the bottom.  This brand of cat litter has 2 raised areas running underneath that are perfect for drainage holes.


Can you see the tomato cages on the right?  Turns out tomato cages fit perfectly in these!

I did leave the handles on, but that is a personal preference of mine.  I knit a lot, so I will be saving my hands from gripping tiny ledges on plant buckets to carry them, and instead use the handles.

In closing, I think y’all should know these are cool to me on 2 levels.  Yes, they make my passive aggressive self feel all tingly where it counts.  DUH!  But, I also really like these planters!!  I think they are pretty and functional.  I see more spray painted cat litter container in my future to store simply EVERYTHING!

Oh, and to the HOA b-words … back up on the porch, puppies!  The Real Big B needs to move her container garden to a sunny place in the driveway!!!!  Suck it!