Roger and I have been wrestling with do we want a coffee table, if so what kind, and what exactly will it be for?  We found some shelves at the unfinished furniture store that were like 3 cubes  in a row.

IMG_20150115_114523 We bought 3 of them, knocked out the back boards and pegged and glued them together so they made one unit with 3 long open tunnels going through.


Then came the long back and forth brain storming session of everything from what to use in the tunnels to what to use on the top, and what should the legs or feet look like.  As usual, our plan consisted of a let’s see what happens attitude.

We went to Southeastern Salvage (SeS) to see what they had for trim and molding because we thought we would use some leaf marble tiles we have and keep them safe and on top with a molding trim to keep from glueing them.  Leave them loose, and you can change them to create a new look, was our reasoning.  At SeS we happened on a clearance pallet of solid bamboo flooring for $1.00 per square foot.  NEW PLAN!  Bye-bye molding, hello flooring, and we headed home with out flooring.

Here’s what we came up with:

IMG_20150502_083945356We bordered in the tile area with glued on bamboo flooring.  We also did the sides with bamboo flooring (glued on).  Looking really great, right?

By the way, those are my empty cat litter buckets acting as saw horses, and yes, these are the ones the HOA found so darn offensive doing this.    So, I’m just saying, avert your eyes and keep the children from seeing these offensive buckets!!!

Any who……  The tiles were a touch short.  They needed something to lift them to the level of the wood, so we – again we didn’t glue this down, just placed it – added a layer of cork.  Perfect!

The edges looked odd, so we added some molding around the top and side edges of the tunnel area.  Then we spray painted the molding and insides of the tunnels.


Roger had talked about using carpet tiles of the tunnels since they would be for our little dogs to play in.  We had enough bamboo flooring to see what doing a bamboo floor in each tunnel would look like.  We didn’t like it, so no photos going here!

Finally, time for feet vs legs.  LITTLE dogs = feet, not legs on anything that is for them.  Feet won!  I visualized wooden cushions, but at some point I forgot to win the lottery … AGAIN!  Those things are expensive!  So we saw feet that look like squashed balls, and you know what, they look like wooden cushions!  These we liked the look and price.

IMG_20150502_155341547_HDRTake a look, and let me know what you think.

I don’t know what it was, but the beige paint looked not right for this table.  Oh well, call it primed and pretend like to meant to do it!  Out came my color wheel, and we selected a color that matched the wood tones better.  It is dry.  It is inside.  It is finished.

IMG_20150503_182335395We have one or make that three little problems with it.






and Savannah

REFUSE to have anything to do with it.  Nicholas is even acting like he can’t see it!  Savannah won’t touch it.  Jack took a milk bone out of it, but … He is looking at it in the picture, and it’s his “it’s not happening” look.

We will put some bedding and toys in the tunnels tonight.  That should make the tunnels appealing, but even if the dogs never play in the coffee table built with them in mind, I am so proud of Roger for building this.  And, OMG are my dogs cute or what?

Later Y’all!