If you are a knitter like I am, if you enjoy knitting things for your feet like I do, see if your local library has this book.  Check it out, and make yourself soIMG_20150502_155957465me Twinkle Toe Socks!  I did!!

I made several pairs of these little socks both with and without beads.  The beads are pretty and they do play in the light, but … Beads are a little hard on the top of your feet.  They down right hurt.  At the very least, they are distracting.

The pattern is a fast knit.  It works well with acrylic, cotton, silk, wool, and bamboo (that is what I have done so far).  Variegated yarn is FAR better then solid yarn for these!

I am only posting photos of this one pair because of 2 solid reasons.  #1 it is over 100 degrees here, and just thinking about wearing anything you don’t absolutely have to to stay out of jail is agony!  #2 there is the very real possibility some of you will be driven mad with passion due to looking at my feet, and we can’t have that!  Lord no!!

IMG_20150502_155445234_HDR IMG_20150502_155540663IMG_20150502_155554152

Yes, photo #3 pushes the boundaries and almost makes the post a PG, but I feel we can hold it to a G rated post.

These Twinkle Toes have a lot of potential for spring and fall flip-flop and sandal wear.  Those seasons are a bit cool for flip-flops, but I still want to wear them.  I have a full wardrobe of Twinkle Toes now, so I can stop making them.  Rest the hands for a bit, and relax my eyes.

Did I do that?  No.  My gray yarn was calling me.  It kept saying, “wouldn’t some super soft gray socks be oh so wonderful?” Of course they would be marvelous.  I had to give in!  So, I cast-on 2 more socks!

IMG_20150601_221711548I knitted these 2 at a time toe-up, and I stopped at footies.  I did that because footies are cute.  I like them.  That, and it is HOT HERE!  I would love to knit a pair of knee-hi or thigh-hi socks, but for what?  I could wear them for a a day or 2 a year.  To make 2 at a time toe-up socks, I highly recommend Tii Casa’s 5 part youtube series.  I have square toes, so I cast-on 12-15 stitches to start, and narrow heels, so I go down to 6-8 stitches.  She makes it easy to make perfect fitting socks every time.

Well, that’s it for me!  I am going to watch TV and knit wash cloths or dish cloths.  I have to keep knitting.  If I were to die today, my dear husband would have a stroke when he saw how large my yarn stash really is!  Maybe he would think I got it all on sale?????