Woodland Goddess CowlIMG_20150716_163135576

This is the finished Woodland Goddess Cowl, pattern by BrazenRaven on http://www.ravelry.com.

I have been test knitting it this month, and I love it!  I will eventually put a little cluster of gold oak leaves in the notch (pendant) in the very front, but not yet.  Right now, I am enjoying just looking at the cowl.

When you test knit, you are looking for any flaws in the pattern, and giving the designer another view of her or his work done by your hands.  It is a huge honor to be asked, so I drop whatever I am doing, and it becomes my only active knitting.  Some can jump focus back and forth between pieces, but I think if I’m asked to be a tester, I will be a tester.  I can fun knit later.  Does that make me better then other knitters…..holier then thou…..  Um, why yes, I do believe it does!

Now, about the pattern – FLAWLESS!!!  I do mean flawless, as in not one mistake.  Last time I saw that in a test knit piece was once before, and only once.  It is a good pattern for an intermediate skill level, and there is enough action in each row to keep you fingers interested.  It is wool (super wash from Paton) in a DK weight.  [Non-yarners just nod and smile knowingly here.]  This old dog learned a new trick with this one.  BrazenRaben’s “no wobble bobble” is way better then the way I used to make bobbles.

I did learn that when you block wool in a humid S.C. summer, take a breath.  It took over a day for this little cowl to dry … inside, … in the A/C, … with the ceiling fan on.

I did not learn to wear make-up (other then what the sun did and Alycee the tattoo artist at Rejuvinations in Irmo, S.C. did) in photos or do my hair.  It is hot.  I look old because at 51 my skin refuses to fit like it did at 21.  I think you can tell I have lost weight this year, and that I still do not wear sunscreen at all or even atIMG_20150707_222014024_HDRtempt to avoid the sun.  Oh well.

This is the yarn I used.  Patons is available at my local Michael’s Craft Store in several colors for between just over $2 and just over $5 depending on the sale and coupons.  I chose this color because I think it is a good set of colors to be near my face.  I recommend using a readily available yarn at all times.  Some of the lesser available yarns are not as advertised.

I got a terrible rash from trying to knit socks for Roger, my husband, from a ball of “superwash” that was over $50.  The shop I got it from is a small one in Summerville, S.C., and they would not take it back.  I now have a ball of beautiful yarn I cannot touch.  I can’t give it away because it was over $50.  Learn from this people!  Expensive isn’t better.  Make sure you can take it back for at least a store credit if it not to your liking.

These are photos of the cowl in progress.

IMG_20150709_222704077 IMG_20150709_222637448IMG_20150711_210248963IMG_20150709_222632672

IMG_20150716_163143496I hope you will get this pattern and knit it for yourself, and that you will love it too.

Again, I also hope you will notice I have lost weight since the Christmas photo at the top of the page was taken.

Here is photo of Roger, he has lost weight too.  IMG_20150709_192709669

Our dogs in the photo, Savannah the Pom and Jack the Shih Tzu, have not lost any weight, and we have added another Pom named Nicholas.  You know there is a lot of love in our home with 3 cats and 3 dogs, and we cherish every moment.

Well, back to it!!!