Due to my recent brush with poison ivy I have been on steroid pills for a few days now.  I have not slept.  I am super tired.  OK, now that my excuse has officially been given, I should not be expected to have a laser sharp memory today.

I wanted to try and make pizza for our lunch or dinner today.  I watched a show on some people who had a pizza oven built so they could cook pizzas outside from scratch.  Two things immediately occurred to me:

#1  I know how to make pizza from scratch.

#2  I already have a super fancy outdoor oven that is portable.

I can do this!

So, early this morning I went to weigh in at the rec center.  I gained 0.4 pounds.  Steroids people, steroids!!  I forgave myself and headed to the grocery store to get some pizza making supplies.  After, I raided my herb garden for more supplies, and got ready to make my crust.  One problem, I didn’t have any flour!  I recovered from the shock, and realized I do have chickpea flour.

Chickpea flour is gluten-free, making my pizza dough better then regular dough.  That’s the story I’m going with.  Really, I was far to tired to care.  So, gluten-free it was to be!  I was rolling the dice here.  Things could go either really great, or really bad.

It turned out great, so I will tell you what I did.

I proofed 1 tablespoon of yeast in 100 degree F water for about 1/2 hour.  I lost track of time, but it was foamy, so OK.

I added that to 4 cups of chickpea flour in my Kitchenmaid Mix Master with the dough hook on it.

Then added about 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and more warm water until it was getting like a crumbly dough.

I added some olive oil (get the good unfiltered kind, it’s worth it) until it looked like dough.

Again, at this point I am still not sure at all how this is going, so I was not bringing my A game.

Oiled a bowl, and turned the dough in it and rolled it around.  Covered the bowl with a dish towel and placed it on a heating pad on low (insurance for the yeast to keep raising, and do it during my lifetime).IMG_20150720_1519119662 hours later I split the dough into 4 balls, placed them on parchment paper on the heating pad, and covered them with more paper and the dish towel, and went outside to sort out my fancy outdoor oven.

Along with sorting out my fancy outdoor oven I also, according to the major excitement on the show, needed a tile floor for my oven.  Easy!  I just happen to have tile left over from where we tiled our floors!  I might have forgotten to get flour for the crust, but I did have a proper tile for the floor of my pizza oven.  Oddly, I was not as excited as the people on the TV show were, but I didn’t understand such extreme excitement over tile then either.  Oh well!

My oven is a natural heat oven, so I got my husband, Roger, to start a fire in it.  Time was ticking away toward pizza at this point!

I rolled out the dough balls on parchment paper so I would not have to wrestle thin disks of dough covered with toppings on a HOT tile.  That scenario seemed to end somewhere to near an emergency room for my taste!  So, rolled out on paper, then topped with sauce, ricotta cheese, pesto, mushrooms, basil, rosemary, tomatoes, and whatever else I could find fresh (not all on one, but different combinations on all 4 ).  I put one pizza at a time on my tile and closed the lid to the oven.

A few minutes later …


YES!!!!  It turned out GREAT!!!!!!

We kept putting pizzas on and taking pizzas off until all 4 were cooked.

IMG_20150720_151919769We sampled each as they came off the tile, and each one was better then the last one.

These are good pizzas!

They turned out perfectly!

IMG_20150720_152723080Now, the people on TV spent over $10,000 on their pizza oven with the tile floor.  Seemed to be a big deal that it had a natural heat source, and how authentic it was.

It had a natural wood fire, and so did mine.

It had a tile floor made from the tile used in their home, and so did mine.

It was domed, and so is mine.

It was permanent and could not be moved, but mine even has 2 wheels.

I mentioned $10,000, but mine can be purchased for $39.

Here is my fancy outdoor oven with the tile floor and domed lid…


Here it is open with a pizza on the tile floor.


All I had to do is close the lid so the pizza could cook.

Super good pizza, and made with chickpea dough no less.  Super easy.  I am doing this for our next gathering because it is impressive!

I encourage everyone to invest in a pizza oven with a domed lid and tile floor with natural wood heat.  These took minutes to cook, and they taste out of this world good.  I think it is because they were cooked on wood.  Wow!!!  Super good!!!!

So, that is my super fancy gluten-free pizza made in a super fancy outdoor oven, so there!