It is the week of Thanksgiving, and as usual, we have already decorated inside and out for Christmas.  We really don’t do Thanksgiving.  I did last year, but, really, it’s just the start of Christmas.  Unless, like us, you started Christmas on November 1st, then Thanksgiving is just a HUGE meal with people you may or may not like.

Why the heck do we do that?  Sit around and eat a huge meal with people we don’t like so much.  You can say that you only have family over and you love your family even if you only see them once or twice a year.  Great.  I love my family too, but that doesn’t mean I like all of them.  Why do we spend days planning and cooking and cleaning and decorating?  I really do think we could put on a show of Auntie Mame at our Harbison Theater with less effort and less stress then Thanksgiving dinner.

First off, what is the big deal with putting all the food on the table at once being a big deal?  It is not hard to do.  Some house holds manage it three times a day every day.  Why is Thanksgiving such a bitch about one dish either cooking at light speed while another holds on to its ice crystals?  So far the Thanksgivings I have cooked have all been ones where every dish is ready at the same time – I’ve been lucky, but I really wouldn’t care either way.

Is there anyone who wouldn’t like to start with the pie?  Maybe we could start with pie, then have mashed potatoes and gravy, then the turkey, and round it out with cranberry sauce.  We could even forget the grand timing of the entire meal.  Just graze.

My family and I will be going to a buffet for Thanksgiving.  I know you are shocked by this since I like to cook, and people like turkey leftovers.  Yet, I feel no shame.  I cook all year long.  My big putting out a spread holiday is Easter.  I even use my beloved carnival glass collection on Easter.  So, why can’t I be thankful and not have to cook on Thanksgiving or clean or put stuff away afterward.

Y’all do know all that lovely food and all that beautiful serving stuff and plates, and bowls have cousins in the kitchen called pots and pans, right?  ALL of them have to be washed, dried, put safely away, and the food has to be divided into storage containers and room made in the ‘fridge for it!  Then the kitchen has to be brought back to a state of clean and tidy.  Usually the person who planned the day, prepared the meal, sat smiling and talking during the meal, and then cleared the dishes after is the same person who will be left to do all the cleaning and putting away and arranging and tidying.

I would rather go out.  I would rather not feel I have been managing that production of Auntie Mame single-handedly.  Yes, I am selfish.

I will wake-up Thanksgiving morning at a resort.  I’ll go eat my free breakfast.  I’ll go for a jog, shower, dress , put on make-up and do my hair – you know, the way selfish people do.  Then, assuming it is time, I’ll go with my family to the buffet and enjoy a relaxed, dare I say magical, meal.  I’ll be thankful for everyone in my life, and all the wonderful times we have had this year.  I will be the best relaxed me I can be, and who knows, I might even be liked as well as loved.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!