As promised in my last entry, here is the story of a sauerkraut making gone wrong.

Hello!  I’d like to introduce you to Cranberry – Carrot – Apple Sauerkraut.  It is so pretty isn’t it?  The photo above is the finished kraut.  Looks like a pretty decorative candle, doesn’t it?

Here is how it looked on day one:

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So, so pretty!

Here it is all finished up:


It is beautiful!  Can’t you just picture it on a table covered in a nice festive Thanksgiving table cloth.  Maybe in a crystal bowl with twinkling candles near it?  Yes, I could too.

So I did what I do with ferments, I took a tiny bite over the kitchen sink with the water running just incase it was bad so I could rinse my mouth out really well and hopefully avoid any really bad stuff.

OH MY LORD!!!  It was BAD!!!!!!  It did not just taste like it had gone off.  No!  It tasted like it had gone off, resettled, met a nice girl there, and started a family!!!!  It was very bad.

Odd thing about eating something you know if bad, and knowing you have to keep it out of your system; it seems to blanket your mouth!

I felt the awfulness of this immediately spread to cover my entire mouth.  I spit it out, and rinsed and ran clean water into my mouth for a while.  OK, I did it until I felt like the only way to get it cleaner was to use some blue Dawn dish soap … really couldn’t bring myself to do that.  Probably a mistake not to have gone on and done it, but I felt I had handled it pretty well.

All this is going on while my husband, Roger, is standing next to me.  He kept saying, “Is it bad?  You should see the face you just made!”.  There you go, you have the full picture of that moment!  It was funny!

Fast forward to later that night when the little microbes reached full on Army of Darkness mode!

ACID!!!!  I could hear it boiling inside of me, like hearing the hydrogen peroxide boil out a wound – that was the sound arriving to my ears as my throat was being burned by the acid fumes!  I drank the Pepto from the bottle.  I ate Tums like it was air.  I drank milk.  I ate yoghurt.  A day and a half later, the burning stopped getting to me.

The boiling sound stopped.  I felt much better.  I’m still eating yoghurt a little each day.  I don’t know if it is because something is still going on or if the memory was enough to make me just not want it back, so I eat more yoghurt.  What ever it is, I am not being burned.

OK, that, as promised is the story of what happens when things go badly.  The weight loss was due to being sick as a dog!  Was it worth it?  Honestly, if I had lost more then 10 pounds, the answer would be yes.  I didn’t, so NO. No, it was not worth it!!  But, it has not stopped me!

I did learn to keep it simple.  In the blog entry before this one is how I make regular no frills kraut.  I’ll be sticking to that.  I don’t need color in my kraut.  I REALLY don’t!