Roger, my husband, became a Mason this fall, and moved up to Master Mason so he could become a Shriner. Our lives have purpose now. That is not an understatement!
Shriners have one focus – Shriners Children Hospitals. We are not single-mindedly focused on raising money for the hospitals, but it might seem that way with the TV ad, and Shriners all over asking you to buy candy or rubber bracelets for the Shriners Hospitals. The biggest focus for us is finding children who need our help. Children whose family will allow us to help. THAT is what each and every Shriner is here for. Helping children is our life.

The 22 (and counting) Shriners Hospitals provide pediatric specialty care AT NO CHARGE TO THE FAMILY OF THE CHILD.  The child’s family will pay exactly ZERO dollars and ZERO cents.  None.  Nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

We care for orthopedic conditions, burns (recent, acute, and healed), spinal cord injuries, cleft lip and palate, scarring that causes contractors or limited mobility, smoke inhalation, facial scarring, facial deformities, congenital hairy nevus, port wine stains, hemangioma, complex skin conditions, congenital ear deformities, clubfoot and other foot disorders, hand and upper extremity disorders, limb deficiencies, limb discrepancies, limb deformities, Legg-Clave-Perthes disease, hip dysplasia and disorders, scoliosis, brittle bone disease, cereal palsy, spina bifida, and the list goes on … do you get the idea?

I am asking everyone who reads this blog to help my husband and I help every child possible.  Please, if you know of a child who even MIGHT need a Shriner’s help, tell them to contact someone from the list I will put at the end of the blog.  If you go to church, temple, mosque, reading group, animal play dates, or anywhere – spread the word.

Right now, there are children suffering that need not suffer another day.

Right now, there are parents making tough decisions of paying for more health care for a child or meeting another need of their family.  Don’t make a child wait for help.

If you have a child needing our help, regardless of your financial situation (rich, poor, somewhere in between), let us help your child live to the fullest, and your family be able to simply focus on loving your child, not worrying about money to help.

Contact Information:  You can email me via this blog or give me your email in a comment, and I will call or email you.  I am not worried about giving you my number.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              You can call our Shrine, Jamil Temple in Columbia, SC and we can help.  803-772-0732 Tell them you are calling because Roger Dannels said to call.           You can go online to  If they want to know what Shriner sent you, Roger Dannels in Columbia SC sent you.                                               In the USA, you can call 800-237-5055, and tell them Roger Dannels in Columbia SC sent you.                                                                                                                   In Canada, you can call 800-361-7256, and tell them Roger Dannels in Columbia SC sent you.

Roger will sponsor your child, so remember his name.

How many children can he sponsor each year?  All of them.

Please don’t be shy or standoffish because someone seems to have money or doesn’t.  Money isn’t an issue.  Getting a child to the be able to live the fullest life possible is the issue.

This is Roger and I fully endorse this message and as you can see, my wife and I are in this together, please join us.  By the way, if you are interested in becoming a Mason or Shriner, just ask me.