Have you ever had left over chicken, some frozen mixed vegetables, and a store bought pie crust just taking up space in your life?  Has this situation ever collided with a need to make a good dinner that is also super easy?  If you answered “yes” then you are in luck!  You are almost ready to sit down to a hot delicious chicken pot pie.  Here’s all you do,

First, make gravy.  Just add a little oil to a pot and about a tablespoon of flour.  Brown that flour in the oil.  I like to go with a ratio of 3 tablespoons of oil or butter to 1 tablespoon of flour and I cook it over medium high heat stirring the entire time until my flour looks not chocolate brown, but dark brown sugar brown.  Once it gets around the right color, add cold water or chicken broth to it while you stir like mad.  For this, I would use 4 cans of chicken broth because it is chicken pot pie.  It will thicken up FAST, so when it is gravy thick, just take it off the heat.

Second, chop or tear up your left over chicken and put it in the gravy.  Microwave your vegetables enough so they won’t be ice cubes, drain any liquid and put them in the gravy too.  How much is up to you.

Third, this is where we decide if we want potatoes in our pie.  I usually don’t.  Hash browns do well, and sometimes I add some potato flakes, but not usually.  Anyway, it all goes in the gravy.

Fourth, Take a pretty pie pan or round casserole, and put everything that is in your pot into the bowl or pan.  Cover it with the pie crust, and stab holes in it.  Then, put small pieces of butter all over the crust – put more then you think you need, then put more then that – pretend it is healthy.

Fifth, cook it at 375 to 400 degrees until the inside is 200 to 225 degrees.  Serve hot.

Remember, the gravy is from scratch, but everything else is leftovers or dehydrated or frozen – so this looks amazing, and tastes homemade without being so very labor intensive.  You know the rules!  Don’t tell your family it is mostly not from scratch.

The dish is from QVC Temptations line.