I will admit it.  My dogs go potty inside.  Not big news when you become aware everyone reading this also goes potty inside.  People use toilet paper, and we even have our toilet paper perforated and rolled on cardboard.  In my home, we even have a special place in the bathroom designed to hold a roll of toilet paper AND make it easy to unroll some as needed!  Yep, just plain posh!  My dogs have Wee-Wee pads.

Clearly these are not yard dogs!  These are from left to right, Nicholas, Jack, and Savannah.  

I was in a DIY kind of mood, so I made some washable Wee-Wee pads for my dogs!  Super easy, and a super stupid idea!

First, how to make one!

Take an old vinyl tablecloth and an old towel, lay the towel on the backside of the tablecloth.  Cut the tablecloth to fit the towel with 2 inches all around.  This means you add an extra 2 inches to the right, left, top, and bottom. 

Fold the edges of the now cut tablecloth piece once to the edge of the towel, then fold it again over the edge of the towel.  Sew all around the edge making sure to sew through the towel and tablecloth.

You don’t have to anguish and debate how to do the corners.  Keep 2 things in mind:. #1 Dogs will be peeing on it, and #2 It will not become a prized family heirloom.  

Plop these jewels on the floor for your little angels to use, and pour yourself a glass of wine.  You are a good doggie mommy!  Congratulations!

Here is why thisis a stupid idea, but I did it!  
You have to wash and dry these DIY pads, and they do not magically get to the washing machine.  You have to do this every day.  Regular pads you scoop up in a bag each morning and throw them away.  Then, you immediately put out fresh pads.
​The other problem is it will not improve their aim!  You just get to deal with the underside pee all the way to the washing machine, and as a bonus you get to play find the drips as you go!  

I quickly came up with those 2 reasons this was stupid.  I did not predict this!
The cats assumed it was for them to play with.  It had a cool texture.  It made neat noises as it slid across the floor.  Yep, seemed like a big cat toy!

Epic fail at my house!  Then when we realized how much Wee-Wee pads cost monthly for 3 little dogs verses how much toilet paper costs per month for 2 human adults….. Wee-Wee pads are a bargain!  I should have made cloth aReusable toilet paper.  (Or did I already!!)