[No, I do not know what # should be used for….Yes,I do feel cool using one!]

Jealous?  You should be!  Those 2 odd-looking things are awesome! They are Lopifitness Bikes.  You do not peddle these bikes.aTYou walk on the treadmill assisted by an electric motor.  

My husband, Roger, is a daredevil on his Lopi.  I am a bit less sure of myself.  They can go fast!  Pair speed with a leg that 15 surgeries after shattering it, well, it does not always go where I tell it, and you will get wipeouts and near falls!

Roger is fearless!

He zooms around the neighborhood!

I keep tinkering with mine to feel safer.  When you have a handicap, there is a fear to overcome with new things.  I am still working on it!  Below is a video on how I added fish eye mirrors.

Hopefully the video will load!

I recently added a bright basket and a flag.  I still have to add my turn blinkers.  I have added more lights, and have a small string of Christmas lights to add as well.  I will be easy to see!  Now, if I could just stop falling.

Roger will be adding casters to the sides of the platform.  Ones on springs, so they have some give to make it safer for me.

Do I seem afraid?  Do I seem like I cannot do this?  

I am a bit afraid.  I have to be cautious with a handicap and no bike lanes. I assure you I will conquer this machine! So, if you see me riding my Lopi, give me some room!  I fall, and soon I will be fearless!

BTW our Lopi Bikes are named Ketchup and mustard.  Roger and I are the hotdogs who ride them!!!!!

Want information on a Lopifitness Bike?  Just let me know!